Must read. Are you ready for this? Excerpt of ‘Pain Itself’ in English.

I’m not deluding myself. I don’t really have any English-reading fans. Yet. But the very competent people at Gyldendal Group Agency presented my novel to some other very notable people of the international publishing set at the gigantic bookfair in Frankfurt this Fall.

Nothing may come out of this. But boy, am I  glad that they wanted to. And I am even more thrilled to read and share the very talented Martin Aitken‘s take on my novel. He’s managed to get my tone and rhythm right. It’s more than a translation, it’s that rare moment when his words and mine merge. A thing of beauty and probably one of the hardest things to do. Click on the pic from the paper below to see for yourself. And click on the book cover to feast your eyes on the promo stuff. ‘Must read’ sounds some how better in English.

‘You’re Danish-American, whydontcha translate it yourself?’.

Because my freaking vocabulary ain’t big enough in English, that’s why. Because I would start meddling with my own words instead of translating. That’s why I’m thankful for guys like Martin. I’ll buy you a pint, if they succeed in getting me across the border.

*Måske bliver det ikke til noget. Måske gør det. Faktum er, at nogle helt utroligt kompetente mennesker tog min bog med til den enorme fagmesse for bøger i Frankfurt her i efteråret. Og helt vildt dygtige Martin Aitken har oversat til engelsk. Det gør han så godt, så jeg fik helt tårer i øjnene, da jeg læste det. Klik på billedet af citatet for at få den engelske læseprøve, og klik på bogomslaget for at se det promo-materiale, de tog med til Tyskland. ‘Must read’ lyder bare bedre, når det indgår i en engelsksproget sammenhæng.







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